“Pittsburgh wedding receptions are the most fun!!”

That’s right!  Compared to other cities, a Pittsburgh wedding reception is the most fun.  Take a moment and imagine…  You can hear the music.  Your adrenaline starts pumping in anticipation.  Your guests are eagerly waiting.  You look at each other and smile.  At last, this is it.  And then it happens.  The doors open.  The music thumps with energy as your Master of Ceremonies introduces you!  The sounds of cheers and applause fill the air!!  Your moment has finally arrived!!!

Exciting, isn’t it?  We think so.  The best part is that this will soon become your reality… and that’s only the beginning.

At DC SOUND DJ, our focus is on what we refer to as Total Reception Personalization. An amazing Pittsburgh wedding reception is about more than just music and dancing.  It’s about celebrating your love, spending time with your family and friends, and creating incredible memories.  Personalizing your reception is the key to creating those memories.  It’s the difference between the “cookie-cutter” reception that everyone has been to, and the one that your family and friends will talk about for years to come… yours!

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Pittsburgh DJ - DC SOUND DJ Personalized Weddings